God Still Speaks

Oct 05, 2021

This is a random and last-minute blog post I threw together. This wasn’t the post I had originally planned, but God really showed up in my life this week and I thought that I would share. This blog post is something that I just wrote down in my notes on my phone that night so I wouldn’t forget what happened. I pray this story encourages you in your faith.


God Moment:

I just had a crazy God moment. We were at our Wednesday night service this past week at Liberty University called Campus Community. It was towards the end when we were about to stand up and sing again. I had to go to the bathroom really bad so my friend and I got up to go to the bathroom. We came back down the steps to where we were sitting, but we didn’t want to have to awkwardly climb back to our seats so we just sat in 2 random seats on the aisle. 


We are finishing singing the last song and a girl comes up to me and goes “Hey, I know this is super random, but my name is Jordan and I felt God telling me to come and talk to you.” I was confused at first because I was like well okay what is God wanting her to tell me and then it hit me, her name was Jordan. I was like “Omg your name is Jordan!” She said, “Does that mean anything to you?” I said “YES!”


Little did she know that during the entire service I was thinking about my brother Jordan. He had been texting me at the beginning of the service because he was struggling with something and I was trying to help him through it. He had just been on my mind a lot recently because of his struggle with anxiety and depression (which he has shared on the blog already). I’ve been praying a bold prayer recently for God to heal Him, whatever his will may be. I want to have the faith that God can heal him from this. I believe that He can and will if it is in His plans.


Her coming up and talking to me and the fact that her name was Jordan was INSANE. That was God showing me that he’s got me. He’s been hearing the cries of my heart. He’s been hearing my prayers. He sees me and loves me. It was a loving reminder that he’s still moving and working even when it feels like nothing is changing. Even when it feels like he’s not there.


Nothing like that has ever happened to me. I have never experienced God in such a personal way. Someone once told me that God speaks to us in 3 ways. Through His Word, His people, and divine appointments. This divine appointment I had was literally God speaking to me through this random girl. I have never felt closer to God than at that moment. I felt seen, heard, and loved by the Creator of the universe. God is an intentional God. God is a personal God. He cares so deeply for His children and will send little reminders of how much he loves us.


Through this experience, it has given me the confidence to listen to the Holy Spirit’s promptings. If I feel a tug on my heart to go and talk to someone, I’m going to do it. I know what it feels like to be on the receiving side of something like that, and I don’t want to miss being a vessel for God to speak to someone through me. My new friend Jordan obeyed the Holy Spirit’s promptings, not knowing the outcome, but it ended up blessing me in so many ways.


- Kayla Milligan

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