All About Crystal Horton

Jan 01, 2021

Hi there! 


Kayla and I are so happy that you are here checking out Made for More! We are looking forward to being open and vulnerable with all of you who will stick around. We already consider all of us friends!


Think of it like this… We are basically going to be welcoming you into our personal journal filled with practical tips, nuggets of encouragement, honest stories, and sometimes even our ugly messes in hopes to bring encouragement and empowerment to you on this journey through life. 


Our desire here at Made for More is to either help you or encourage you to live your best life! We are all family now. It’s time for all of us to let go of the little things and get on with the bigger and better things that we have always wanted to pursue in our relationship with Christ!


Let’s get to living our best life together because friend, you were MADE FOR MORE! We pray that you find our blog helpful, impactful, and encouraging all at the same time! Ultimately, we pray to be used by God as a vessel to pull you into a deeper relationship with Him! 


Here's a little more about me and my heart behind Made for More:


Like I mentioned earlier, my name is Crystal and I am one of the writers here! My co writer Kayla is my “more like a little sister” cousin. We have been involved in each other’s lives since as long as I can remember. It's kinda scary how alike we are to be honest. 


Deep down I have always thought about starting a blog. Writing has always been an outlet that is so refreshing and energizing to me but here’s the truth… The thought of putting myself out there for everyone to see is scary.


I have always made more and more excuses as to why I should never start a blog. To name a few I think about the fear of failure, I question being personal and vulnerable with whoever will read, I wonder what people will think (especially my peers), I question if I actually have anything beneficial to add to anyone’s life other than my own, and I fear judgement.


There are so many things that the enemy tries to engrain in my head as to why I shouldn’t even try, but I feel like now is as good a time as ever for all of those lies to be confronted with truth, and what better way to approach it than with your cousin, right?! 


What has been convicting my heart the most though has been the thought of missing the opportunity to impact and encourage someone because of my own insecurity.


I think of the girl who is just searching for a friend. I think of the girl who feels as though she has no one to talk to, relate to, or even look up to... I think of the girl who has the desire to live boldly for Christ but doesn’t know how or just doesn’t think it’s “worth it.” I think about the girl who is stuck in this idea that popularity, boys, and fitting in is the biggest deal of her life and I think of the girl who allows other people to determine her worth instead of the Lord.


I can seriously go on and on and on. My heart just aches for these girls and Kayla and I are here to tell you that you were MADE FOR MORE! 


I am not saying that we have all of the answers or anything remotely close to that but I do feel as though the Lord is calling us to share with you the wisdom that He has given us to help you live your life to the fullest and bring glory to Him.


Through Made for More we pray to be a source of light in your darkness. We pray to bring practical tips and encouragement that you can take with you to face whatever your day brings. We pray to speak truth and wisdom into your life when you need it most, and ultimately pray to glorify Jesus’ name. The Lord is saying it’s been long enough for all of us!


Now go check out Kaylas post if you haven’t already as she introduces herself, and explains more of the heart behind Made for More. She is one awesome gal, full of wisdom beyond her years! 


- Crystal Horton

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