How To Take Your Quiet Time With You Throughout Your Day

May 31, 2021

So how do you take your quiet time with you throughout your day? That is a tough one. I would like to say I am a pro at this, but I'm not. At all. I'm actually trying to get back in the groove of this concept as I type out these words. 


When I was in high school, I was pretty good about taking my Jesus time with me throughout my day. But when I do just do a quiet time and go about my day, it feels almost like a check off my to do list for the day which honestly makes me sad.


Sometimes I think that if my heart was more “into” my quiet time, then I wouldn’t be able to help but take it with me throughout my day. With that thought comes all of the lies from the enemy that my quiet time isn’t good enough or that my worship of the Lord isn’t genuine enough. That's a dangerous cycle.


Have you ever felt that way? Like you try so hard to wake up early or set time aside during your day to spend time with the Lord, only to find out that when you do you can’t remember anything. It can begin to feel like a waste of time and energy for sure. I have felt that way a lot. 


So what are some ways that we can work on this together? 


Well, in high school one of the things I did to remind myself of what I learned in my quiet time was write either one word or just the scripture reference from that day around my wrist area with a pen or sharpie. 


Throughout my day, whether I was studying, writing, eating lunch, or even at volleyball practice, my writing on my wrist was right there in plain sight. That was always a good and easy reminder.


In doing this, you might find that it will boost your confidence a little bit too. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that at least 1 or 2 people a week would ask me what was written on my wrist. 


At first I was kind of insecure to tell anyone what it was, but eventually it became an easy avenue into a spiritual conversation and a cool way to keep me accountable.


Something else that I find  helps me focus more on my quiet time throughout my day is doing a little prayer time afterwards. Instead of finishing for the day and then just getting up to go on my merry way, I try to sit and talk with Jesus about what I learned or just about what is going on in my life at that time for a bit.


I don’t do this every day, or anywhere close to it, but when I do, I can tell it makes a huge difference in my attitude for the day. 


Worship music is also another big one. I didn’t realize how much of a difference worship music truly made until I took a little break from secular music a while back. The difference that it makes is just amazing and honestly unexplainable. It can make my bad days turn into better days and good days turn into great days.


I just love it so much. I encourage you to just try it. Only listen to worship music for a week, or maybe even just for the day, I don’t care! Just try it. I hope that pretty soon it will be all you really want to listen to. 


Some things to remember when it comes to your time with the Lord:


  • The Lord does not only meet with you when you are in your designated quiet time place or time period. The Lord is with you all of the time for one, but He can also minister to your soul in a variety of different ways.


  • Sitting down and doing a devotional book with a super cute notebook and highlighter is not the only way a quiet time works. That’s just not true so don’t compare. Everyone is different and has a different preference as to how to get to know the Lord more. Try different things and pursue the one that works best FOR YOU.


  • You don’t have to have a Bible that is torn to shreds full of highlighter and underlining to have a good relationship with God either. You could simply just sit outside and look at nature and just talk to Him and grow your relationship deeper with Him right there. Whatever that looks like for you, pursue that. It is your quiet time with Jesus.


It could be a book, podcast, Bible Study, sermon series, or just the raw Bible, just be intentional and allow Him to work in your life in a way that is specific to you. That is what is beautiful about it all. That is how we grow deeper and deeper.


Worship Him in your heart. Listen to Him with your heart. Obey Him in your heart. Talk to Him in your heart.  


Let’s commit to working on this together.


The most beautiful part of it all is that all of us, different as we are, can come together as a community and talk about what God is up to in each and every one of our own personal lives. Praise the Lord! Let’s encourage and uplift one another to pursue an ever growing relationship with our Savior.


- Crystal 

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