All About Kayla Milligan

Dec 14, 2020
All About Kayla Milligan

Hey, girl! Welcome to our blog!

We are SO glad you made it here!! Please read on and see what we are all about!


My name is Kayla and my writing partner here is, Crystal! We are two cousins from Florida who love Jesus and have a passion to share what He has done in our lives with others. The Lord has put a burden on our hearts to inspire and influence other girls. He has led us to starting this ministry to encourage young women who are struggling with this thing called life! 


You were made for more than the life you are living now. Do you feel unsatisfied? Complacent? Lonely? Fearful? Not enough? Like you have to measure up? Fit in? Not sure how to even live like a Christian or what it all means? Then you my friend, are in the right place. We are here to help and love on you through our blog posts, and many more ways in the future! ;)


A little bit about me, I am 18 years old and currently in college studying strategic communications. I attend Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. This is my first year at Liberty and I love it there! My major is communications, and my minor is in global studies. My dream as of now is to one day work for a mission organization that brings physical and spiritual life change to countries around the world!


“Made for More” is a blog whose mission is to influence and inspire women to start living their best lives in Christ and believing that they were made for more. You were made for more than the life you are living right now. You don’t have to be stuck in this complacent and unsatisfying life you’re living. You were made for more in Christ. You were meant to live your life to its fullest and reach your full potential. 


Crystal and I’s goal is to give you the tools to help you live your best life in Christ. God has placed this burden on our hearts for us to influence and inspire young girls and women around the world. We want to show you how to live godly lives, and not feel like you are “missing out” on anything. 


The things of this world will only satisfy us temporarily. So why would we focus our attention and love on things that we know won’t last? We need to find our satisfaction and joy in God, which will last forever and give us true fulfillment. 


Through weekly blog posts, we will share our experiences growing up as girls, and our lives now. We are nowhere near perfect, but we have learned some valuable lessons while growing up. We would love to share them with all of you!  


We invite you to join us on this journey of believing that we are MADE FOR MORE in Christ. We are called, chosen, set apart, and set free. Our identity is in who God says we are, not who the world tells us to be. Thanks for following us along on this journey!


-Kayla Milligan

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