"Safe" By Kayla Milligan

Aug 15, 2022

I was at a conference recently, and they told us to close our eyes and picture ourselves where we felt the safest. Where we were at complete peace. They told us just to sit there and reflect. What I wrote down below is what I pictured, and I thought I would share it.  


I had a vision

I pictured this scene in my mind


I was told to picture a place where I felt safe 

And completely at peace


What first came to mind was the ocean

I saw myself sitting on top of a rocky cliff overlooking the sand 

the waves crashing on the shore

My feet dangling over the edge

The wind was blowing in my hair 

I was at complete peace


I look to my left, and I see a man walking toward me

I immediately know that this man is Jesus

I stand up and run as fast as I can to him

He’s smiling so big as he sees me sprinting towards him

When I finally reach him, I jump into his arms 

He lets out a laugh and so do I 

Tears streaming down my face


I am in my Savior’s arms

I am at complete peace

And he just holds me there

I feel safe

I feel loved

I feel seen by the Creator of all things


We sit and start talking to each other

We interact like old friends

I begin telling him about what’s going on in my life

And what stresses and worries I have 


He lets me know that even though I can’t see it

That he has it all under control and that I can trust Him

I believe Him because He is my Savior and He loves me

I am His child, and He is my Father


Then I see us just sitting there talking, laughing, smiling, and hugging

That was when I met my Savior

Although it wasn’t the first time we met

I’ve known Him for a while now

But I finally saw Him in person 

And everything changed


I have had faith without sight

I have been setting my mind on things above 

But there He was, right in front of me

Closer than the air I breath


I was safe

At peace 

And I never wanted to leave my Jesus

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