Creating your own Safe Haven

May 17, 2021

Before I got married and moved out, I had always called my bedroom my safe haven. By definition a safe haven is “a place of refuge or security.” My bedroom had become my favorite place on earth. 


It was where I went when I was sad, stressed, lonely, overwhelmed, tired, thankful, and happy (literally everything). I knew I could leave there feeling encouraged if I just sat in there long enough.


It was where I knew I could just be with the Lord.


When it was time to pack my things, I got sooo sad. Not only was I moving out of my childhood bedroom, but I was also leaving behind my little slice of Heaven on earth. I knew that me and my hubby would eventually create a safe haven of our own, and I am still so excited to figure that out with him, but it was just sad to have to leave that chapter for good.


What I do know is that everyone needs a place like what my old bedroom was to me. Hopefully some of these tips give you some inspiration for your own space.


You don’t have to do these things exactly like I did. Have fun with it. Either way, I know that if you are intentional with it, that one day you’ll close the door, look around and stand amazed at how involved and near the Lord truly has been. You’ll never want to leave. 


Here are some things that I did that I believe made my room a safe, secure, restful, cozy, and inviting place all at the same time.



 What do I mean by that? Glad you asked! 


Whenever I came across a verse that completely resonated with what I was going through at that time, I would write it down on an index card and stick it to the back of my door. If I read a quote that really impacted me, I would write that down and stick it to the door too. Even if I heard a lyric to a song that reminded me of an awesome truth, I would write it down and stick it to the door.


Anytime something was impactful or meaningful in a personal way I would write it down and stick it to the door. 


Eventually I had so many sticky notes and index cards taped to the back of my door that I had to start sticking new ones to the back of another door in my room.


And here’s the thing: I didn’t try to remember or memorize every single thing that I wrote on each card. I just wrote it and every once in a while would close my door and begin skimming the cards for some encouragement.




Another thing that I think added to the aroma of my room were the several pictures that I had gradually placed all over. Anytime I was somewhere and thought to myself that I wanted to remember this moment because it feels more happy and good than normal, I would snap a picture with either my phone or polaroid and hang or tack that picture to a spot on my wall. This picture could be anything. It could be a fun hang out, it could be a beautiful view, cup of coffee.. Anything! Whatever feels special to you in the moment.


These pictures became the perfect reminder of all the happy memories and meaningful moments that had happened in my life. Anytime I felt sad about friendships or just flat out discouraged, I would look at my pictures and quickly be reminded of all the good that the Lord has already blessed me with.


A picture really is worth a thousand words.




I had hung some twine, gotten mini clothespins and wrote on little slips of paper some things that I wanted to be praying for at the time. I tacked the twine to my wall and clipped the prayer requests/praises from the mini clothespins on the twine.


Sometimes I would be on top of it and update the slips every week but sometimes I would slack and see them after a couple weeks…. Either way, these slips of paper were little reminders of what God has done or is doing. It was a perfect way to implement the discipline of prayer and see what God has done.




Everyone needs a place of refuge! A place where they can run to when life gets hard or even when it’s at its best. A place to feel invited and accepted. A place to feel refreshed and thankful again.


When I felt far from the Lord, I would just go into my room, look on the back of my door, and reread all of the truths that had once impacted me so powerfully. I would look around at my polaroid pics and remember the memories that made me feel happy and content. It would give me hope. I would look to my little prayer corner and remember that the Lord is always working and always there wanting to talk to us. 


My room was MY PLACE. 


My room wasn’t this because I had all of these verses and prayer requests on my wall… It was the fact that whether I was at the lowest of lows or on the highest spiritual high ever, I could go into my room and sense the presence and evidence of my Savior all around.


I encourage you to find a space and make it your personal refuge, your safe haven. And get creative with it. Do whatever feels natural to you, but be intentional about making it your safe place. A place where you and the Lord meet and stay a while. A place you run to and never want to leave.


- Crystal

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