The Right Ingredients to a Broken World: Ana Quiñones

Jul 19, 2021

Everybody meet Ana!

If you know Ana at all, you know how awesome she is to be around. She is so intentional and genuine and loves the Lord so much.

She is just one of those friends you can be so goofy with but also be very real with.

I hope you guys enjoy getting to know her more through her blog where she unloads some helpful tips when it comes to dealing with brokenness.

- Crystal Horton



The Right Ingredients to a Broken World


Prior to salvation, I was a shattered person. My perception of life, people, and events was negative. My words hurt more people than I can count and the actions of others and myself left scars embedded in my memory. I had been mistreated and misunderstood. I was broken and a part of this broken world. Nothing satisfied the emptiness I felt. Until Jesus met me where I was. 


When I came to know Jesus Christ I learned about the right ingredients to end brokenness. So here is what helped me and continues to help me.


1. Know Jesus

This seems like a no-brainer but in order to end the brokenness you gotta let the Holy Man in your body and fix it up. 10/10 highly recommended ACCEPTING JESUS. What does this look like? Acts 16:30-31 The jailer asks the same question “Sir, what must I do to be saved?” Paul and Silas said, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved….” Now, my perception of God was that He was out to punish me. So I would work and try to be on my best behavior. I failed and failed, and continue to fail. Let me save you some tears and frustration. God loves YOU! God has an abundance of grace to share. Even better Jesus died so that our sin would not be held against us. So throw that condemnation in the trash and continue to seek God.


2. Scripture

The transition from who I was and who I am all occurred because of God’s promise and truth. The weeping prophet Jeremiah is the definition of a broken life. He lost much more than you and I could ever imagine but in Jer. 15:16 he shares his secret to perseverance. “Your words were found, and I ate them, and Your Word was to me the joy and rejoicing heart; for I am called by Your name O Lord God of hosts”. We can not go day by day reading positive quotes and seeking God through anything but the Bible. The Bible is a living Word. This means that while reading it correction, comfort, instruction, and love takes place. Total transformation comes from reading and applying God’s truth. God loves to speak, and he has talked my ear off from time to time through His Word. There is nothing in the world like being in God’s presence. He desires to speak to you and transform you too!


3. Prayer

Just as the Lord loves talking to you, He also loves to hear from you and I. If you know me, I love to talk. Sometimes I’ll be in the car driving around just talking to God. (Probably look like a crazy person, but it's whatevaaa.) God’s my BFF along with many other roles. He knows me inside and out. Secrets I don’t tell others, He already knows and loves me despite it. Also, He is all-knowing so nothing gets past Him. I say that to say that God can handle whatever you bring at his feet. Feeling burdens? God desires to comfort and counsel. Psalm 81:6-7 reassures that in the midst of our brokenness when we call on God he answers and rescues us from our burdens. So look like a crazy person in the car, or where ever you go to pray. He wants to be with you just as much as you do Him.


4. Worship      

I love a good worship. I love to feel the Holy Man dancing around while I am in His presence. Worship kicks the enemy out of the room. 2 Corinthians 1 3-4 during suffering God desires to comfort. Where God is the enemy can not be! Since being saved I have faced many hardships. Tremble by Mosaic was on replay for hours at one point. Praising God shifts the mindset from I am alone to God is good and He is comforting me. So when your mind is in a dark place take a moment to allow God to comfort you. Jeremiah 20:13 is a reminder to praise God because He rescues the needy from the hands of the wicked. Even if your voice sounds like a donkey screaming and you're extremely uncoordinated at dancing the Lord is delighted to hear it and see it. So get to worshipping the Lord. 


5. Fellowship

The Lord has blessed me with solid people. Holler at my girl Crystal. I remember two years ago in the pits of transformation I prayed way more than once for loving and God-fearing friends. God delivered with an invitation to a small group that was taking place in my living room. Since then these girls have seen me cry, doubt, fear, cry out in joy, praise, and love deeply. I have had many friendships but nothing is like a friendship founded off of Christ. God uses these girls in my life consistently with wisdom, grace, and love. As Christians, we should surround ourselves with people who bring us up, who hold us accountable to be more like Christ. James 5:16 tells us to pray for one another and confess our sins to one another. God uses our friends to keep us accountable to be more like Christ. Nothing is more beautiful than having friends who speak God’s truth and even correct when you're not quite living your best life.

God meets you where you are no matter how damaged you are. God meets you and loves you despite what the world or church says about you. God wants to be your BFF and He desires to transform you. I challenge you this week to find time to be in His presence. To allow Him to do transformation. 


- Ana Quiñones

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