The Truth about Obedience: Rhoda Carr

Aug 02, 2021

Everyone say hello to my mom and bestest friend, Rhoda Carr!! I am so excited for everyone to read her blog today! 


My mom has always pointed me back to truth in all of life's ups and downs and this blog is no different. It is jam packed with truth after truth. If you are either struggling to be obedient or just have a desire to be obedient in some way but do not know how or where to start, this blog is FOR YOU!


I am confident that whoever reads this blog will get some sort of encouragement or motivation, so enjoy! Love you momma! 


- Crystal Horton 




When Crystal asked me to write an entry for her blog, Made for More, my first response was “I can’t do that!....I don’t have time, I don’t journal, I don’t write!” and the list goes on.


I am so encouraged by her and Kayla’s boldness to even start this blog and the writings of their own experiences, lessons they have learned, and even their boldness to be transparent. So, following their example of transparency, I must do the same.


In thinking and praying about what I could write about, the Lord seemed to bring to mind Prov. 29:25 which says, “The fear of man bringeth a snare but whoso putteth his trust in the Lord shall be safe”.


There are so many things God asks us to do but the “fear of man” holds us back from doing it and from being obedient. Even writing this blog, my first response when asked was "NO, I don’t think so."  But as time has gone by, I still feel a nagging in my heart that, I should do this, I can do this, this isn’t that hard….


My first response to a lot of things when asked is a “fear of man” I wonder what others will think, and that it’s not going to be good enough. I will have to admit, Crystal and Kayla’s boldness of hosting this blog has challenged me and I hope and pray it has challenged you. 


So many times, God asks us to do something and we simple say “no." I find it is easier to preach truth to somebody else than it is to preach it to myself sometimes. 


As my kids were growing up, I ALWAYS encouraged them to be obedient no matter what! It’s the ONLY way we can grow in our spiritual walk. Any time we say “no”, we stump our own growth and potentially set ourselves back for what God has for our lives. God has called us to “LIVE OUT LOUD” and be a light in a dark world.


I can say I am very bold in many areas of obedience, but not in all.  Something as simple as writing this had the potential of robbing me from another obedient moment.  I may never know how God will choose to use this writing, maybe for nobody for that matter, but I do know, this is for me. He is using it to make me yield to Him in this moment. I have a choice.


The reason I think I can say no sometimes is because I think I can get away with it. Who else really would know or even care? But what I do know is - HE cares!  I know the tug in my heart when I haven’t yielded myself to His calling. It rings loud!


Can you relate to that? A continual prayer of mine is that God will continue to grow me and never let me go. Even in my stubbornness in specific areas, I ask God to work it out in my life, hopefully through mercy and gentleness.  He does every time!


Maybe God is calling you to do something and you’re sounding a lot like me. The fear of what someone might think or say holds you back from obedience.


The truth is, disobedience is bondage.


Bondage is paralyzing. Satan loves that we are fearful. Satan loves that the chains of fear hold us back from our full potential in Christ. Pretty soon we can find ourselves being so choked out with fear that we start to think we can do nothing! Nothing for God, nothing for ourselves and we begin to sit idle and look around at others that are on fire for God and admire their faith and love for the things of God.


Satan whispers in our ear that all the blessings from God are for those certain people that must “truly” love Him. Satan also makes you feel like somehow you have missed it and God is unattainable.


Satan further wants us to believe that we aren’t good enough and that God only uses people that are warriors for His kingdom. THIS IS SO FAR FROM THE TRUTH THAT IT PAINS ME TO EVEN TYPE IT!!! SATAN IS THE TRUE ENEMY! WE ARE DAUGHTERS OF GOD! THAT’S WHO WE REALLY ARE.


What brings be back to obedience is simply reminding myself that God loves me beyond measure. If he loved me enough to send His son to die for me, I know that he will be there for me in this life.  HE DESIRES ME AS HIS VERY OWN DAUGHTER! THAT I HAVE BEEN FORGIVEN! I CAN BOLDLY RUN TO THE FATHER AGAIN, AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. And I have run to Him about the same ole thing over and over.


Every time I fail to fully trust Him, He picks me up, tenderly assures me of His love and makes me feel like a warrior again. This seems to be a vicious cycle for me, but every time God meets me when I turn my face towards His. Only when I try to hide or ignore His working in my life do I feel lost and alone. 


Something as simple as writing this blog when asked may sound unimportant to many, but for me, I chose obedience. This act of obedience isn’t for Crystal or the ones that may read it, but me simply being obedient to God.


God’s calling may be as simple as making a meal, making a phone call, sending a text, sharing your story with a stranger, being a friend to someone, asking for forgiveness, saying you’re sorry, or simply volunteering at church. 


I think we associate obedience to God in big things, teaching a class, leading a group, walking an aisle - areas that are public. But I know God sees the heart, whether spoken out loud or not. He knows what areas of my life I have not given to Him.


My mom always said, “God wants 100% of our heart not 99.9%.” He searches the heart and knows the 1% that we hold on to and don’t want Him to have. Nothing is hidden from Him.


So, I ask you, what part of your heart does God not yet have? He will require it of you. He will chase after you like a lost sheep but it’s simply because HE LOVES YOU just like you are!


Every time I yield, He has always been forgiving, tender, and yes, ever so merciful. You CAN trust Him! A little secret - the more you know Him, the more you will be able to trust Him. Maybe that is where you need to start.


Will you let Him have ALL of you?


- Rhoda Carr

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